Up Close With the Como SL Featuring Diana Rikasari | Specialized Turbo Ebikes

Fashion Designer and Author, Diana Rikasari, gives you a tour of the Specialized Turbo Como SL along the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

The Como Super Light is our first internal gear hub (IGH) e-bike—a low-maintenance joy machine equipped with everything you need for spontaneous fun. Carry it downstairs, zip across town, pack it full of groceries, it’s ready to take flight. It also just so happens to double your power when you pedal with super-smooth assistance that makes you feel like the superhero you are.

00:00 Intro
00:44 Super Light system
01:37 Power modes & range
01:58 Range extender
02:20 Handling
02:34 Low maintenance
02:47 Internal gear hub
02:58 Shifting gears
03:19 All weather & safety
03:54 Cargo
04:18 Lock options
04:24 Turbo Connect Display (TCD)
04:46 Mission Control
05:10 Charging
05:25 Outro

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