My Jeep LS Swap is SOOO CLOSE!!

Its time to get my Jeep Wrangler LS swap project finished! Im back in the garage trying to wrap this project up so we can hit the road (And trails).
In this video, we knock out a few things and start putting the Jeep back together.
For those of you who are new to the channel. I am installing a 5.3L chevy engine into my 2006 Jeep Wrangler. This is a DIY project, and so far its been pretty straight forward. I cant wait to fire this engine up and hear it roar.
I decided to make the next few steps a little easier/quicker by installing some products that are bolt on and designed for this swap. Exhaust routing can be difficult to do at home, Ben did it on his 6.4 Hemi swap however it took a lot of time and money. I chose to get the Hooker bolt on kit for my setup. Its designed for this swap, which means its easy and quick to install, as well as offering a very professional exhaust setup. The muffler and tailpipe kit is designed for a TJ, so i will have to add a small extension to work with my longer LJ, but it is going to sound amazing! The hooker mufflers have a very deep throaty sound, and paired with the 3″ exhaust piping im sure my Jeep will turn some heads.
I also decided to use a swap specific radiator and fan combo from Flex-a-Lite. This aluminum radiator is drop in, ready to go! I should have no problems with cooling this larger engine, plus with the electric fan to free up some horsepower!

Stay tuned for the next video where i fire this engine up!! I do plan on swapping over to a new ECM setup, and ill tell you guys all about that in the next video.

Holley Hooker TJ Ls Swap Exhaust:

Header Bolts:

Exhaust Gaskets:

Flexalite Radiator:

Transmission Cooler:

Lower Radiator Hose:
Shift Cable: 02-08 Trailblazer
Shifter: 06-10 Hummer H3 Shifter

Radiator Overflow tank:

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