McIntosh’s New CD Player is an Audiophile’s Dream

McIntosh has just released their new MCD85 SACD/CD Player and it’s exactly what audiophiles have been looking for. As we have moved away from CDs and are now embedded in digital music, proper CD players have been hard to find. This release from McIntosh shows that CD players are here to stay and they’ve upped the ante. With the stylish design that the company is known for, the MCD85 looks like more of a centerpiece as opposed to audio equipment. But the real treat is when it plays music. Capable of reading both commercial and burned CDs, the MCD85 converts the data stored on the disc into an analog signal. From here, the signal can be sent out via the balanced or unbalanced fixed analog stereo outputs. These can connect to preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, or other components. The new McIntosh MCD85 is truly a piece of both art and fine engineering. To learn more, click here.


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