Mazda Stands Atop the Consumer Reports List for First Time

Mazda just unlocked a first for the brand.

The “zoom-zoom” brand is now sitting atop Consumer Reports’ yearly list of most reliable automotive brands. That’s the first time that has happened.

The report, officially titled “Consumer Reports 2021 Brand Report Card”, was released Thursday, and the other four brands in the top five were BMW, Subaru, Porsche, and Honda.

Alfa Romeo’s reputation for reliability won’t be helped by its last-place showing on the list of 32 brands. Just ahead of Alfa were Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Jeep, and Lincoln.

Unlike most auto journalists/automotive publications, Consumer Reports actually buys the vehicles it tests, and does so anonymously. It also surveys its subscribers.

Last year’s top dogs were Porsche and Genesis, but Genesis dropped 13 spots this year. Lincoln had it even worse, falling 15 places to 28th.

Tesla, the darling of tech bros everywhere, slid from 11th to 16th. That still put it ahead of Mini, Kia, and Volkswagen.

[Image: Mazda]

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