M2 CS Instrumented Test Results and Review by Car and Driver

The M2 CS test results are pretty damn amazing when you consider the fact that the M2 is a 6MT vs. the C&D test of an M4 CS which is a 7 speed DCT. The M4 has better gearing, a much quicker shifting gearbox, more power and torque, launch control, and runs the 1/4 mile in 12.0 @ 121 mph vs. the M2 CS’s 12.1 @ 120 mph. At up to 150 mph, the M4 CS is at 20.4 secs and the M2 CS is right on its tail at 20.8 secs.

When you compare these times to what you can get out of any F8x M3/M4 manual, that M2 CS is really hauling.

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