First Drive In Our 6.4 Hemi Swap Jeep Wrangler!!

In this video, I am test driving our Jeep Wrangler for the first time since the V8 Swap! Yes, Ben and I were tackling TWO V8 Swaps at once! While I was out of town for a few weeks, he did a DIY 6.4L HEMI Swap in our garage. Today I get to drive the new 392 HEMI installed in our 4 door Jeep Wrangler both on the road and off the road. Lets find out what the hype is about a V8 swapped Jeep Wrangler!
Most of you guys know, i am installing a 5.3 LS style engine into my 2006 Jeep Wrangler. its been a long process, but we are close to the end! Now that I’ve drove the Hemi jeep, i really got the motivational push to finish up my swap.
I know a lot of people are excited to see how the LS compares to the hemi… As well as the costs associated with both. But first…. I need to finish my swap.
Having the V8 in the JK is amazing. The acceleration is effortless, even with the big axles and tires. And when you get on it, it has more than enough power to move the jeep quickly. Its really a pretty crazy driving experience. Im not saying that everyone needs a V8 swap, but man its fun!

Its time to get back in the garage and finish up this Jeep Build!!
Upcoming Parts install:
Holley Hooker Jeep Wrangler LS swap exhaust
Flexalite TJ LS swap radiator
Tattons Driveshaft
New secret ecm and wiring harness

Jeep Upgrade of the Week!!
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