Best looking F95 I’ve Seen.. WOW — Frozen Army Green “Hulk”

Best looking F95 I’ve Seen.. WOW — Frozen Army Green “Hulk”


I follow the #x5mcompetition hashtag on Instagram as it’s popped up a lot of the new individual colors that I can share with you folks, however, this morning my jaw dropped. I have a few things planned for my Ametrin F95 I picked up last week (reflector delete already installed, window tint already done and MSS springs on order), and thought I’d be done. Ugh.

I think yellow calipers would look amazing against Ametrin, but look at some of these carbon fiber pieces.. also I think our wheels look awesome in gloss black. Another thought.

Figured I’d share – maybe someone here owns this one!? (I hope !!)

This one isn’t lowered, but appears to have full wrap in frozen army green, carbon fiber splitter, spoiler, side skirts, gloss black wheels, painted calipers, mid trunk spoiler!!!, and a few other things.

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